Frontliners, church planters, or national missionaries is some of the names we give to these heroes of our faith. Often working covertly, these incredible men and women offer their lives to see the light of Jesus flourish in even the most extreme areas of the planet.

Their passionate efforts may go unnoticed by many but CEIFA aims to support, encourage, and come alongside them as they partner with God is His great commission by church planting, discipling, and inviting new hearts into the kingdom of God. 

You can support ease movement for the missionaries from one village to the other as they work towards the goal of fulfilling the great commission in the 10/40 window.

Connect with our missionaries

Amit-Missionary in Nagaland, India Josh-Missionary in Tanzania, from Kenya
Diana Gully-Missionary in India, from the USNitu-Missionary in India
Dinesh-Missionary in NepalPaul-Sports Evangelist/Missionary in Kenya
Fred-Missionary in Tanzania, from KenyaRotich-Missionary in Uganda
Gidufana-Missionary leader in TanzaniaVeer -Missionary in India
Virendra-Church planter Daud and Livi-Missionary and church planter

Support our missionaries

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