Compassionate ministries

CEIFA’s compassionate ministries include; children, water wells, emergency relief, medical camps.

CEIFA compassionate ministry in 2011, assisted in the launching of the Promise Children’s home. It has been a miracle story from the beginning.  Fourteen kids from the streets of Nepal and the poorest situation on Earth life’s been transformed in becoming part of loving family, excelling in education and finding their spiritual roots.

In March 2023, CEIFA in partnership with Becomingloveministries and TEGA, got involved in a food drive project for the Chagana church, the new disciples who are a nomadic community had been facing a severe drought in the area and this little support went a long way, and way greatly appreciated, to God be all the glory!

March 2023 was a month that will not be forgotten by people of Dominic village in Central Tanzania. After many years struggling without clean water, CEIFA in partnership with other like minded ministries; Becominglove and TEGA, rehabilitated 2 water wells which saw them get clean water after many years of suffering. To God be all the glory!