Virendra’s Update

Praise and Thanksgiving

  1. Church Planting -CP is my passion and God has really blessed us this year. At the moment we have 6 house fellowships and 2 were started this year.
  1. Children’s ministry- We have around 50-60 children attending our newly started program every week. Through this ministry 3 families have started believing and attending our fellowships.We also feed them food once a month during one of our program.
  1. Widow ministry- We take care of widows who have been abandoned by their familiies. Some of these widows have started believing and now come to our fellowships. We distribute food ration to 5 widows once every month.
  1. Medical ministry- Every week we organise medical clinic in different neighbourhoods in and around our city and provide basic health care and medicines to the poor and needy. Through this medical clinic we have seen open doors and favour in the community.
  1. Training- From time to time we also do discipleship trainings and provide coaching to our believers so that they can grow stronger in the Lord and make more disciples of Jesus.  We currently use DMM ( Disciple making movement) and DBJ ( Discipled by Jesus) methods to train our believers.

Prayer Points-

  1. Pray that God will use me and my family for His glory
  2. Pray for the well being of my family
  3. Pray for our ministry. Every year we distribute warm blankets to the needy and the beggars, and this year too that God will provide all the finances we need to buy the blankets.
  4. Please pray for our kids, Aryan and Vaibhav for their school admission fees. Currently we need around 70 thousand Indian rupees. This is a big amount for us  but we believe that God will provide all our needs for our ministry and for our family through your prayers and support.

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