A letter from CEIFA Founder and President

Little Is Much, When God Is In It”

In the last 30 years of ministry, God has honored this ministry in some incredible ways, but especially giving us the best partners around the world to work with.  That was true in Romania, Albania, Croatia, Malaysia, China, and more through those early days of ministry. What a walk down memory lane thanking God all the way for all He has done. Our mission workspace is a humble, simple office which is located in the church facility at Lifebrook Church of God in Bethalto, IL.  There is absolutely no way to explain how a small and seemingly insignificant ministry could impact so many souls, people groups and nations for Christ, except to say: “Little Is Much, When God Is In It”

Throughout our history CEIFA has worked hand in hand with many ministries that are committed to the “Heart of God” for the Nations.   We call it “cross pollination” in ministry.  Instead of distracting or weakening any individual ministry the result has been increased fruitfulness in all the frontier areas where we are partnering together.  For example, during 2021 CEIFA has joined with ‘Heaven’s Family’ to help rescue 50+ trapped North Koreans in China to freedom, through joint funding of an Underground Railroad partnership in South Korea.  In Nepal we have worked hand in hand with “Youth With A Mission (YWAM)” to train disciple makers, evangelists, and church planters for more than 12 years.

In the founding days of our ministry we worked closely with ‘Harvest Ministry UK’, and ‘Every Home For Christ’ to break the ground for the Kingdom of God in Eastern Europe. In the 1990’s our focus was training the underground church movement in China with our Brother Enoch Tan and several different ‘Bible Societies’ who jointly published bibles in an underground press in a remote region of China. The list of local churches, mission organizations and individual mission leaders are far too many to mention here.  However, in our most recent years we have partnered closely with, “Discipled By Jesus (Hal Perkins)”, ‘Becoming Love Ministries Association’, ‘TEGA (Africa)’, ‘Joshua Nations’ and scores of local churches and individual missionaries.  Our vision for the future will focus on partnerships committed to relational discipleship through WORD and DEED- which we define as “Discipled By Jesus”, individually and corporately. 

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to the BOD of CEIFA Ministry and the leadership of all our ministry partners, allowing our teams  to work in the King’s way of unity.  The humble men and women who work with CEIFA around the world and those who lead on the Board are absolutely God’s choicest servants.  I am the most blessed man on Earth to work with such an outstanding team that includes my sacrificial loving family.  Thank you, board members, advisors, faithful donors, supporting churches, prayer partners, volunteers … all who have given so much to extend, expand and build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

All for Him, Until All Have Heard,

David Runyan

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