CEIFA in Asia


These are areas of the world that CEIFA has new and unprecedented opportunities to go directly to the front lines and the trenches of world evangelism with a partnership with other ministries to take the gospel where Jesus is not known.  To me no greater honor exists in His Kingdom.  The invitation to join Jesus where the Lord is beginning to pour out His Spirit, and where He is at work among the oppressed and persecuted has ushered in one of the most excited seasons in our 29-year history as a frontier ministry. While I cannot share a great deal of detail, let me share with you a short summary of ministry we are looking forward to in coming months and years.

Continue Support For Tibetan Outreach In China (Amho and Bethany Seeking King Jesus)

Through the last several years CEIFA has become one of the main channels of support for the frontline ministry of Amho and Bethany Gully.  Though now after 11 years of the most challenging ministry in one of the most difficult areas on Earth (Because of growing government oppression, and Tibetan Cultural barriers to the gospel), they have taken a real furlough break to seek the Lord’s direction and next chapter for their family. Though on furlough, they continue to work very closely with CEIFA, with Amho recently traveling to India and the Bhutan Border where God is opening up some incredible doors for future ministry. Keep this precious family in your continual prayers.

Until Recently I Had Only Dreamed of Outreach to North Korea- Today It Is A Reality

There are not a lot of details I cannot share with you except to say, because of our special developing partnership with “Heaven’s Family” CEIFA is now assisting in dramatic escapes from N. Korea.

Working Again With The Underground Church In a Special Province In China- We’ve Returned

Stay tuned in for more upcoming reports from the ‘trenches’ in China.  We were recently able to partner with another partner with Heaven’s Family by sponsoring a retreat for pastors and workers from an underground church network.  After very severe persecution by authorities in recent days this was a major victory.  Donors between CEIFA and HF provided $5000 to pull this off in a secret location without any disruptions. Praising God for His incredible blessing.  Enough funds were left over that we sent each worker home with a love offering to assist in the work. This takes David Runyan’s heart back to the early days in CEIFA during the decade of the 1990 when dozens of such training and discipleship events were sponsored with ‘Enoch Tan’. “Do it again Lord!”


One of the most exciting developments in this ministry is a new strategic partnership that is developing in an area of India near Siliguri and Jaigaon India.  In this little strip of land between India, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and Nepal we are assisting Heaven’s Family develop new discipleship training centers that are already sending their first graduates to make disciples and plant churches in these drastically under served areas of the world.  Pray with us about these incredible open doors and stayed tuned in to see what God is going to do in these ministry partnerships.