Medical Camps (India & Nepal)

Both by partnering with local medical professionals and by bringing in medical professionals from the USA, Ceifa has conducted many medical camps in areas where there is either a lack of medical care available or to help those who cannot afford the medical care that is available.

Sometimes even simple acts such as bringing in toothbrushes and vitamins for children or pain killers for the elderly can be a huge open door into a community. For others, follow up after one of these medical camps can be life changing, like it was in pastor Peter’s life. Pastor Peter came to be seen by the doctors at the very end of one such medical camps, after all the patients in his village had been seen.

A few years before, he had something stuck in his teeth and used a needle to try and take it out. The area was not treated properly, so it became infected. Over the course of a few years, this caused a huge tumor to grow on the side of his face. This humble man was the first man to come to Christ in his village of a hundred households and has led many to the Lord.

Living in a small thatch roofed hut himself, he had been unable to afford to have this tumor taken care of. After discussing the severity of his case, the medical professionals from the US decided that they would raise the funds necessary for him to have surgery as soon as possible.

A few weeks after the doctors went back to the US, Peter underwent major surgery that took 4 surgeons to complete. This man, who is vital to the spread of the Gospel in his area, is now recovering and doing well.

This is the story of just one among many whose life has been touched through one of Ceifa’s medical camps. Click below if you would like to connect and know how you can get involved.