Countries Where CEIFA has Engaged In Significant Mission:

Countries Where We Have Engaged In Significant Mission:

1. Portugal- Street Evangelism, Church Planting.  (1990-1994)

2. England- churches raised up the very first relief for Romania. Desperate orphanages. (1990)

3. Romania- Jesus Film,  Literature Campaign, Church Planting, First Children’s Home Organized,  Medical Supplies. (1990-1998)

4. Albania – Nationwide literature Campaign. “Every Home for Christ”… 10 Citywide Crusades. First ever TV Evangeelistic program, $250,000 invested.

    200 churches planted in this atheistic country during the EHC/ Superbook distribution. (1993-1998) Five field evangelists supported. 99% homes covered.

5. Malaysia- Three city wide crusades,  1992-93. National field evangelists support.- Enoch Tan

6. Cambodia- House church evangelism.  Literature production and distribution. (1993-1994)- Enoch Tan

7. Ukraine- Odessa – City Wide Evangelistic Campaign with Sammy Tippet. Follow up bible studies. 7000 in attendance. Kiev area … bible college. Andy Lay.

8. Moldova- Street preaching during Romania time period. Colin.

9. Mongolia- Provided literature for EHC in the capital city Ulan Batar- Enoch Tan . 50 known believers. Sammy Tippet Crusade.  Mission movement started.

10. Croatia- Rebuilding school after the war. Christmas project on islands where refugee children had fled.

11. Bosnia- Zargrev. Relief to Refugee Camps.

12. N. Korea- Provided funding for 10 rescues of NK trapped in China.

13. Russia- N. Korean Labor Camps, and Siberian original peoples church planting. Second Kharbarusk projects:  Medical, educational- university, prison ministry, Non registered church.

14. China– Underground church training in 10 Provinces. … 1990-2000, Enoch Tan. EHC city campaigns. Discipleship books translated. Second children’s home was launched with        S. Korean personnel in Harbin. Underground bible printing operation in “inner mongolia” … Two underground bible colleges funded – Paul- Shanghai and Kunming. Assisted ministry in the Xining area.

15. S. Korea … worked closely with “Catacombs” ministry. 

16. Pakistan- Flood relief, Covid relief, DBJ training. Translation and printing of material. Water wells. Orphanage support. 

17. Kenya- Partnered with DMM and DBJ and Heaven’s Family and Becoming Love … Discipleship conferences- Four.  Supported Church Planters- Rotich and Somalia National. DBJ material translated and printed. Weekly DBJ Zoom Meetings.

18. Tanzania- Joint ministry projects … water wells, church planting,  bibles,  national worker support, DBJ initiation.

19. Somalia- DBJ training in Nairobi. 

15. Uganda, South Sudan- Refugee camps .. DMM – Supporting Rotich.  DBJ training.

16. Malawi- Orphanage support. Flood relief from cyclone. Plans for DBJ leader training and Youth Sports camp in July.

17. India- Missionary Support, Medical Camps, DBJ Training.  Weekly DBJ Zoom calls.

18. Nepal- 12 years. Promise Children’s Home, DTS support, Church planter support. Earthquake relief.   Church buildings in remote areas. Sanitation projects. Youth conferences, Pastor’s Leadership Training Conferences. School children support.  Slum outreach. Medical camps for 8 years. 

19. Bhutan – Reaching out to Bhutanese populations in India. Supporting underground churches in Bhutan with YWAM. 

20. USA Refugee Ministry-  Primarily in Dallas/ Ft. Worth area … spreading to other USA cities. Well over 50 house churches planted. Pastor’s trained. Compassionate Ministry assistance.  Kika and Angula support. Christmas and Easter Celebrations, Bibles provided in many languages.

21. Myanmar- Bible School support, five national missionaries. Tons of relief during the Covid-19 crisis, war outbreak, and government and economic collapse.